one with my car…


Manuela Perez


we share our anatomy with each other:

those round abdomens

those rolling wheels,

the screeching brakes,

the view of the rear,

the classic lines,

the flowing of the waves,

the strength of the chassis,

hugging the curves,

and reflecting the light,

the zen-ness of it all!


all rights

quicksilver 6/15/20


Owl Mask3
Crystal Owl1
Earthen Owl

In my lobby hundreds perch:
Facing front they’re all:
blinking, zooming, screeching, preening
Owls: gigantic, small.

Wear a mask; fly a puppet;
Owl my eyes; grasp a cane;
Sparkle glass; pierce a crystal;
Line them up: minor-main!

Sculptures staring, wood eyes glaring;
Wings poised to take flight;
Pull the string and glass wings beat
Fly to soar with raptor might.

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