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Circle the Pose That is Different...

Circle the Pose That is Different…

I have been working with 3 year old Oliver
in a reading workbook which has him circle DIFFERENT and SAME.
Meanwhile I discovered he can print all the letters of his name.
Especially, he prefers them rocketing in a diagonal thrust toward the stars.
He likes to swirl his sister’s skirts on top of overalls, sporting bare feet.
Seems he’s the model for “different” or aren’t all 3 year old brothers, enamored of their older sisters, the “same”?
Here they are,
in the same place,
at the same time each Thursday,
walking the run-way
swirling the fabrics
strutting the ruffles:

Riddle#36 Orange

Owen Easter Eggs


Which is the fungus from Halloween?
Which is the fun guy from Easter morn?

Which has the yolk as yellow as corn?
Which has the shape of sweet candy-corn?

Which has the sun’s glow orange and warm?
Which has the ruffles that fan out when born?

These are the riddles all orange and bright
Sunny and funny and scary a sight!

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