God, do You want me to sing today?

Cantor in St Christopher's

Cantor in St Christopher’s

“God,do You want me to sing today?”

Answer: “Walk in grace.”
See last line of Joseph Stroud’s poem:

And so I prepare to sing at Communion.
Bring my virtual piano, my music arrangement.
Dress appropriately.
Arrive for choir practice.

Everything has been moved around.
No organ,
no accompaniment,
different seats,
choir facing the congregation,
prayers for Robin Williams,
sadness and grief….

I choke up.
Can’t breathe.
Can’t sing.
My walk in grace was not sound, but quiet.
“There is a time to sing, and a time to keep quiet.”

Jesus has a sense of humor

10 reasons why it's good to be an Episcopalian by Robin Williams

10 reasons why it’s good to be an Episcopalian by Robin Williams

Robin made us laugh
by joking about his quirks:
humility’s smile

I practiced to sing in church today, my first solo.
But the pastor told us Robin Williams was, in fact, an Episcopalian,
and I saddened so much, at his death, I couldn’t breathe to sing.
She placed this shirt in the back of the church to view, and I want to share it with you.
Jesus is always looking for faith.
The second He sees humility, he touches you with grace.




Last night
Media came to visit

It tweeted of Robin Williams’ suicide.

Don showed me three of his “Mork and Mindy” TV Shows
while we wondered at his choice of costume, rigid body, alien gestures and definition of money:
“Money goes to the bank and meets other money:then together, they make more.”
I thought how light, lean and hopeful he looked. His ‘improv’ played my heart strings

I remembered the “World According to Garp”, about a family’s devotion to each other.

And all the Disney characters who brought heroism, larger than life, to my cartooning students.
Some of their animated gestures were taken from Robin’s mimes.

Then one day, he got serious.
About comedy.
About entertainment.
About money.
About family.
It was overwhelming.

He took his breath
set it free
in the spirit world.

The audience is quiet.
The curtain fell.
Now he is with us in NY
All the way from CA

We breathe for him.
Holding light, lean and hopeful
Just short of overwhelmed.

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