Tara is already here…



this jpg of Tara was sent to me from Mother Eileen , my pastor at Christ Church

Tara appears in a beautiful, subtle body of green light, and she appears with her right foot forward. That right foot forward symbolizes that she’s ready to come the minute you think of her. In the tradition, the idea is that Tara is already here, but if we’re not thinking of her, we don’t really know that. When we think of her … we might say her mantra, we might visualize her … then she’s instantaneously ready to come to our assistance.

The truth is that we are never truly alone.  God is as near as our next breath, and God has promised to never leave us nor forsake us.  So when you feel hopeless, cast your care on Jesus, the lover of our souls.  Cry, scream, shake your fist if you must!  It’s okay.  God can take it.  And then sit quietly and let the Peace of God, which passes understanding, sweep over you.  Let God cover you as a mother bird’s wings cover her chick’s and protect them and keep them warm.

At this time I need Tara to watch over my daughter’s cat, Salvatore, who is critically ill during the pandemic. In the photo below, he is the cat on the right.


I have also created images of Salvatore’s cat guardian angel who never leaves his side:





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