Giving a Poetry Reading


Mary Magdaline


Giving a Poetry Reading

Some say I’m a witch
casting alchemy spells

or a bitch
with rich relatives

or whisk broom
sweeping up debris

but the truth is
I am a wish for grandeur

a swishing, itching, bristling poet
a rhyming, riotous boisterous bard!

Definition #381 Eleven



9/11 is famous;

so is:

 “the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month.”

when the Armistice of the First World War was signed.

It isn’t just men that stay the course, but infants, and all their relatives!

Tongue Twister # 19 Relative

Matriarchal Ancestry

related through the sieve.

kith and kin
close and in
family clan.

through the doors
blood and claws.

clones for us
what’s the fuss?
grands and new and us.

My Autobiography

The Ageless Woman

Table of Contents

Farms in Queens
German Ghetto
St. Thomas the Apostle Parish
Dominican Nuns
The Band
Girl Scouts
The Elevated Train
Brooklyn Catholic High Schools
Convent Life in the Sixties
Coming Out
Meeting the Trappist Priest
Teaching Art in the New York City HS
Having 3 babies in 4 years
Raising Children on the North Shore of Long Island
Equality in a Marriage
The Midwest
Art & Teaching
City girl goes to the Mountains
Home Owners Association
Elder Years
Being Published
Health Maintenance
Grand Children

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