He’s got my whole world in His hands…



I might be tiny

and You, enormous;


You might be omniscient

and I fragmented;


But still You light my way,

Omnipotent Creator, Redeemer, Sanctifier!

upon awakening


illustrator: J Byron Schachner

upon awakening:


soul: touch your third eye to see your Creator

ego: touch your 5 senses to open them all to sense your Creator

soul: touch your third eye to see your Redeemer

ego: touch your lips, ears, finger tips, eyes, nose, to sense your Redeemer

soul: open to cleansing to touch your Sanctifier

ego: open to pain and read its lesson from the Sanctifier

Fear is painful until it is examined. Then it discerns

fight or flight

panic or love

and chooses!


(If you have knee replacements and can’t kneel, try this:

Stand and reach down to touch your toes. Bending thus, touch your third eye, and 5 senses. When finished reach to the sky 3x and exhale breathing out your submission, acceptance and promise of valor!)



Egg played a joke on me:
Created me so small
I cannot see
The breath of Thee.

Egg played a yoke on me:
Made me round
To roll away
Without my whey.

Egg played some folk with me:
See this one; then that
Different, two
Proteins like you.

Egg played a joke on me.
Egg played a yoke on me.
Egg played some folk with me.

Egg is
A Creator
A Redeemer
A Sanctifier!

Jeanne Poland

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