Red Hair


The Writer’s Almanac for Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Red Never Lasts

by Anya Krugovoy Silver

There’s no doubt it’s the most glamorous,

the one you reach for first—its luscious gloss.

Russian Roulette, First Dance, Apéritif, Cherry Pop.

For three days, your nails are a Ferris wheel,

a field of roses, a flashing neon Open sign.

Whatever you’re wearing

feels like a tight dress

and your hair tousles like Marilyn’s on the beach.

But soon, after dishwashing, typing, mopping,

the chips begin, first at the very tips and edges

where you hardly notice, then whole shards.

Eventually, the fuss is too much to maintain.

Time to settle in to the neutral tones.

Baby’s Breath, Curtain Call, Bone.

“Red Never Lasts” by Anya Krugovoy Silver from from nothing.

© Louisiana State University Press, 2016. Reprinted with permission





red headed Hilda


red hair

red lips

red nails

red cheeks

red shadows

red toes

red smiles

red promises

Marriott Bonvoy


Jeanne in her Jeanne dress


went to the Providence RI Marriott

swam  in the pool

stretched in the hot tub

listened to a family having water fun

ate in the coffee house where I was served to perfection

got to observe the receptionist who observed and conversed with everyone passing by

the waitress who saw my hand raised from afar and knew what I needed

was grateful to all those who helped me navigate the halls and parking of an enormous property ( one cleaning woman said my red hair reminded her of the summer in Haiti)

while I felt “among my family” with every encounter

safe, significant, and gracefully balanced!

Wild Red-heads

Wild by RoZo

red and black jump off the background by RoZo


red hair, red socks, cat-

eyes, furry cowl ready to

spring , clutch, bite and crunch!

When I Turned Seveny-five

Photo on 2-26-16 at 1.38 PM

When I turned seventy-five,
I bought central air-conditioning
a garage
red hair
bird feeders
a thule
a silver Rogue
a red lynx scooter
20 long cotton dresses
a purple hurricane
30 scarves
50 red geraniums
Christmas cactus
fresh fruits, bread and fish
Tempurpedic mattresses
and a real John Deer Tractor for my grandchildren.

When I turned seventy-five,
I inherited
my Grandma’s body type
my 60 year old mid-western mate
my industriousness
my old lady sense of humor
all my purple possessions
red hats
daughter, son and in-laws
who show middle-age wisdom
and a promise of years to come
as grandparents of

Where is Picasso


mime, puppet, red hair,

stars, patterns,rosy cheeks, pol-

ka dots and blue stripes!


Jeanne's Red Hair

Jeanne’s Red Hair

on top:
glittering shades
of red, garnet, flame and
fire-engine screams, follicles reaching out;
a crown of royal antiquity, knowing youth, middle and old age.

(Did I get the FIB right this time?)

Red Hair Red Hair!

Rally Call From the Three Year Old

“Red Hair Red Hair
Please come here!”
I’m waiting on the toilet.

“Red hair Red Hair
Wipe my butt!”
I’m waiting on the toilet.

“Red Hair Red Hair”
See me proud!
I’ve learned to use the toilet!

Jeanne Poland

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