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Wesley McNair Poetry Laureate of Maine USA

Wesley McNair
Poetry Laureate of Maine USA


Mangling a Proverb:

He is not wise that parrots the wise.

Wendy Videlock

Last night
we listened to
Wesley McNair
the Maine Poet Laureate
@the delightful Southwest Harbor Library.
He read:
“When She Wouldn’t”
a poem about his Mom’s death
a lost child
with complex family feelings from the Ozark’s.
Her language:
“This a way-that  a way”
brought reconciliation and gratitude
in the end.

His notes,
written in longhand
told a harsh story
its grief
and glory.

Many poets read
when he had finished.

They parroted
the sentiments;
but mostly griped about the cold winter.

And thus,
left his wisdom in the snow

to thaw
its lonesome way home.

Trust is a Rainbow

Prismatic Vision

Arthur works the colors.

Trust is a Rainbow

Trust is a rainbow
Spanning faith and love.

I believe in you,
Fly up,
And land in a pot of gold.

Radiate the kiss of you
Glow with your covenant,
An aura of reconciliation.

The song of praise
Drums through the hills
Proclaiming: Alleluia!

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