wouldn’t you want to be a great blue heron…if you were born again?


Audubon’s The Birds of America, Color-Plate 211by Margaret Hasse

If you, too, dream to be born again

as a bird, wouldn’t you want to be

a great blue heron, rare vagrant

wintering in the Azores and coastal Spain,

snacking on shrimp while wading

on long, beautiful legs? And if
you loved your life as a human who

sheltered in a small house by a lake, you

could summer there again, nesting

in the white pine, fishing on the shore

in the blue Zen of stillness when early

morning ambers through the eastern sky.
Margaret Hasse, “Audubon’s The Birds of America, Color-Plate 211” from Summoned. © 2021 Margaret Hasse published by Nodin Press.



from Facebook this am

Sentences using some of these contronyms:

(Using a word 3x is supposed to imprint it on your vocabulary)


1 My daughter has mysophobia, and she’s getting a dose of it during this pandemic.

2 In my watercolors I frequently dust fine particles of color to suggest a texture.

3 The stallion bolted as soon as the bolt was secured!

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