I am You


English translation from Jeasbe Guriett Singh

Hindi poem posted by Rama Dixit on Facebook: August 11, 2017


Ya meri talaash ka jurm hai…

Ya meri wafa ka kasoor hai …

Jo dil ke jitney karib hai …

Woh nazar se utna hi dur hai .


And one lazy morning sitting by my pillow ‘she’ said:

“One day in your wildest dreams~
You fantasized hiding somewhere inside me…
Always around, but never really visible…
not even to you
Well, your dream came true…~!!~
now, let the world seek….as much as it can”

Now……..Where do I seek  myself ??
I have become the ‘Thee’ !


(This phenomena transversed the globe between NY and India through the power of Facebook and my writer friends!)



India’s view of

wavy cat, wavy cheeks, wa-

vy hair, eyes, and smile!


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