Grief is depression.
Depression is forgetting
and having no energy.
This is the state of my life.  
I can not get my act together.
I drove to the store to return some things to find out that I left the bag home with the things to be returned.  
Then, I have to tell myself to drive slowly and cautiously
because I am not in my right mind.


It’s a rainbow!
What you need is time.
What you have now is raindrops.
And sunshine=roygbiv

The Dancing Metaphor


photo taken by Jeanne with iPhone 6+ (filter in Photoshop)

I Saw Her Dancing


Nothing moves in a straight line,

But in arcs, epicycles, spirals and gyres.

Nothing living grows in cubes, cones, or rhomboids,

But we take a little here and we give a little there,

And the wind blows right through us,

And blows the apples off the tree, and hangs a red kite suddenly there,

And a fox comes to bite the apples curiously,

And we change.

Or we die

And then change.

It is many as raindrops.

It is one as rain.

And we eat it, and it eats us.

And fullness is never,

And now.

  ~ Marge Piercy ~

(Available Light)

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