snow power


illustration by Julie Rohan Zoch

what’s under the white snow?


when I see the snowflake design on the weather report

I freeze, breathless!

forget to consider it a blanket

keeping the roots intact

sheltering the fungus which converts soil to new life

and lets me view light

and all the colors of its rainbow:

energy for my soul!



Grief is depression.
Depression is forgetting
and having no energy.
This is the state of my life.  
I can not get my act together.
I drove to the store to return some things to find out that I left the bag home with the things to be returned.  
Then, I have to tell myself to drive slowly and cautiously
because I am not in my right mind.


It’s a rainbow!
What you need is time.
What you have now is raindrops.
And sunshine=roygbiv

Definition #28 Forces

Spectrum magic: rainbow waves

Spectrum magic:
rainbow waves

science wears its hat:
top hat tips its rainbow out
laser spectrum show!




Fantasy? Rainbow.
Real color: prism delight.
Full spectrum moment.


tick tock  click clock

tick tock click clock

Time stands still:look back-look fo’ward.
Spot the growth; the buds bloom toward
A new mystique, a magic journey
Dappled vision-rainbow gurney.

Spot the growth; the buds bloom toward
Dance and cello,theater, swimming
Biking, driving, childish dimming.

A new mystique, a magic journey
Drops of feeling: wet tips warming
Thoughts that generate to seedlings.

Dappled vision-rainbow gurney
Squeaking through the halls of choices
Spotlights pointed by the voices

Family beacons
Family sages
My own galaxy!

For Aneli

Riddle#22 Happiness

All of Life is a StudioAnnika

My first Pantoum:
A verse form consisting of a series of quatrains in which the second and forth lines of each verse are repeated as the first and third lines of the next.
Verse composed using metonymy.

Happiness is fleeting
Soap bubbles pop!
Giggles get itchy
Hiccups won’t stop.

Soap bubbles pop
Fleeting rainbow floats;
Hiccups won’t stop:
They’re random, then rote.

Fleeting rainbow floats
Popping in your face;
They’re random , then rote
Effervescent space.

Popping in your face
Is happiness bubble,
Effervescent space
On a planet of trouble.

Riddle#14 The Future

Annika's reflection

The Future

The lens of my eye
sees white:
a prism of all colors
of the rainbow:
white light.

mixed colors:
hues that move my soul:

I have been given
tiny acts of caring,
daily dabs
of rainbow.

How To Be A Poet

How To be A Poet

Sit under a rainbow.
Inhale the colors.
Hear the music.
Breathe deeply.
Exhale a stanza.
Let the wind take it
Let go.

All rights.
Easter 4/2012

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