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Trust (2)


My former art-student with her soul-mate




Trust comes in tiny bites,
savored by the tongue.

Not too hot
or bitter;
or ephemeral.

Trusts can be
legal puzzles
biting at your gut…
bleeding through.

Or confidences,
ennobling and

But to last,
trust needs to enter
on tip-toe.
“til you know
it flows
whole –
enriching you
as it goes.

Welcome trust.
It is the strength in wishing,
the bend in believing,
the breath in loving!

A Living Treasure!

All rights

2012 Quicksilver

Square Wheel


i-Phone selfie in Photo Booth


Entered on my square shaped wheel
a-clunk a-clunk a-clunk

Every body held their ears
grimaced, drooled and funked

“different is as different does”
(by now, we know, she flunked)


The Rain


art by Robyn Reynolds


I am not in control
of the rain-
the insane
or pain

but gain
control of self
by belief

I am not alone-
the flyleaf
tells me so

the loose leaf
holds my notes-

the cloverleaf
brings relief
from disbelief-

an interleaf
of magic’s

grown by rain
God’s reign.


Joyce, there’s something I wanted to say to you


Jeanne in 2016; iPhone 6+

(To Joyce)
Some things I wanted to say to you:

When you look at me and smile,
it says you know me
and understand.

You hold  patience
and clothe me in it.

When you turn to Arthur
I see the hope that he will sense your discomfort and know it is time to leave the gathering.

The delicate balance
is a daily challenge as fragility courtesies
between you two.

First one and then the other
shores up the couple.

Which sister-in-law will
lose her marbles today?

Or will it be the 80 year old?

Seems like vulnerability is the only currency we share.
And, now, of course, a way out, preserving dignity.
How will we transition and be unaware of it?
Do we need to direct this concert?
Can we record it in advance?

Or will a chorus of angels carry us?
For it is an Ascension, after all, that awaits us!

April 30, 2017

Antidote (Poem Spell)


sheep art by catherine


Antidote (Poem Spell)


stone in my heart be dust, be dust.

annoying wind, be cranberry yarn.

midnight storm, bring the clear tides in.

leaping dogs, bring the salty shells.

peasant bread, dip in olive oil.

reeds gold and pink, blow in the light.

clenched fist, open and wait.

riot of sunlight, set in the night.

don’t know what to do, you’ve come to the real work.

don’t know where to go, you’ve come to the real journey.

bafflement, get employed.

impeded stream, sing.



Skat in the Woods


art by JB Schachner


 Skat in the woods

My mistakes leave skat in the woods:
little turds of guilt
or sometimes elephant skat
where worlds meet
and put me on a
totem of shame
for all to mock.

And then humility rains down
upon my head:
natural hydration for my soul!

April 9, 2017

Hairy Man


Don in 1988 @ Diane and Michael’s house (Rockville Center NY)


Hairy Man

Wild Wisconsin Woodsman
with the screw driver nails
and gorilla forearms
silent as a leopard
hearing  of an elephant
and flotation like a seal
forage ’til you sniff me
waiting here for a cuddle-
a muddle with my beast.


the three ring circus hides under the tent


sketches by Walter Koessler


the three ring circus hides under the tent

Foraging picks through the center island
Awkward keeps his eyes down
Put-it-off drops wrappers everywhere

Obsessive wipes the counters to dazzling
Martyr-complex kneels ’til callouses form
the dull light of Guilt never dims

Entertainer pirouettes round the ring
She’s a Performance artist in the buff
electric Pantomime

April  3, 2017
all rights

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