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Hi everyone,

Did your mother ever make pudding for you when you were a kid? Mine did. I begged for pudding. I loved it with sliced bananas and vanilla wafers in it. Chocolate was best but butterscotch ran it a close second. Spooning bites of warm pudding with my eyes closed and my taste buds purring — well, it was close to what I figured it would be like in heaven.

I begged Sandy and she said she would make pudding tonight. I’ll do anything she asks today. I’ll empty waste baskets. I’ll water the outdoor plants. I’ll pick up leaves that have fallen off indoor plants. I’ll…I’ll…just try to be very, very good. Because I saw the bananas she brought home yesterday. And the box of vanilla wafers. And the two boxes of pudding!

Pudding pudding pudding pudding,
In my bowl I need some pudding,
On my spoon I long for pudding,
In my mouth I love you pudding.
Nothing tastes as good as pudding,
Soft and warm and sweet as pudding,
Filled with hidden treats as pudding,
I’ll do anything for pudding.
In my mouth I love you pudding,
Soft and sweet and lovely pudding,
I’ll do anything for pudding,
Pudding pudding pudding pudding.
(c) 2020 David L. Harrison (like anyone cares), all rights reserved
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Today is pudding day
by davidlharrison

One for All: All for One

wanna ka
Oliver pie.

wonders why.

Owen Pop
swings a mop,
mint and dye.

Nana Jeanne’s
bright red hair
burns flames high!

Donster Man
stirs a pan
of pudding pie!

All for one
One for all
My oh my!

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