Stress Test

BodyReactions to Stress

Went to Have A Stress Test

Here’s what happened:

1 Appointment time ignored by staff. Waited over 45 minutes.

2 No privacy in waiting room, hallway, testing rooms, scanning area or nuclear injection site.

3 No modesty allowed for application of electrodes for Lexiscan/ Myoview or for scan after.

4 Although Debbie administered the Lexiscan, two male techs stood and watched every move.

5 I was not given a hospital gown to open in front or a private room to change and store my personal items.(I had to carry them around for 4 hours)

6 On the gurney, there was no sheet to cover me or my body while electrodes were placed on my abdomen.

7 My gastric bypass caused extreme pressure and bowel contractions.

8 Couldn’t leave the table; didn’t know where the bathroom was, or if I could stand up.

9 Had to dress, find and walk to a bathroom not occupied, and use the 30 minutes specified for drinking 20 oz of water and some crackers to manage my diarrhea.

10 All of this was in full public view.

11 Next I was seated in a rigid chair for the scanning and was told not to move for twenty minutes, sitting half off the chair with my arms extended over my head, electrodes attached in 3 places on my abdomen, and holding in my bowels.

12 Inane chatter distracted me from the discipline I had to exert.

13 The diarrhea lasted for 5 hours after my release, I had semantic paraphrasia, and was disoriented.

In order to go back for Phase 2, I require the following:

1 Give me a small private cubby with hospital gown, and a locker for my personal items to stay until the testing is completed.

2 Have one woman accompany me throughout so I can comply easily to the procedure without panic at having a bowel movement in public. There should be a commode for the exclusive use of the patients within view to prevent my soiling myself in the testing room.

3 When a woman is administering the test, get the men standing around out of there. It takes privacy away from both of us and is demeaning.

4 Formulate a procedure if a patient gets diarrhea and print it out so everyone follows one protocol.

These changes should be presented to the Business Manager and the Hospital Patient Advocate

Definition #96 Privacy

Oliver  discerns; picks  privacy


Sister’s on toilet;

Brother guards the closed bathroom:

“PRIVACY’s  keeper!

Definition #86 Security

Did you say: "Bite down??"

Did you say: “Bite down??”

Security is
Privacy inside-out – up
side down all around

Tongue Twister #14 I Was a Nun

Diva Pig Cover
I was a nun-for-fun
A bun in the oven
A hun in the honey
A run in the stocking
A sun in the darkness
A ton of good cheer.
I won a nun-prize:
No puns
No guns
No done deals
But daily becoming
A nun for real.

Tongue Twister #5 Privacy

Potty Introduction From 4 year old to 2 year old

Potty Introduction From 4 year old to 2 year old






Poem to a Stranger

I dreamed
you moved into my house,
a stranger,
with all your prescriptions,
favorite chair,
all your needs.

There were 60 more,
just like you.

My house was occupied.
My car

All my personal space.

I stopped breathing…
Afraid to share.

Then my first floor flooded.
We rescued each other.
All of us
treading water.

IPhone Sestina

iPhones Keep Us Company

Off we drive to Albany Med with iPhone
in the pocket, ‘case we need to text
’bout surgeon, or surgery; a message
to the son, the daughter. Seeking privacy
on the speaker phone; I’m the speaker
of anxiety, reaching out to be touched.

In the surgery clinic, I am touched,
offered a pillow, soft like the iPhone
words that hold and soothe me (from a speaker):
Abbreviated, stroking, soothing text
from my loved ones cross Cloud’s privacy:
A sky drawn, cloud blown message.

“It’s the day and age for messaging”
the nurse approves, and nods, as touched
by digital strokes, cloaked in privacy
from family on the iPhone
held in my hand, an I-V text
to shore both hearer and speaker.

against the blood clots:they’re the speaker
of the need for I and D: thrombosis message.
Afraid to rest, afraid to text
All veins and tissues touched
by searches, findings on the iPhone,
settings preferred, protections, privacy.

The screen, it plots my journey privately
for our eyes only, doctors, nurses, patients speaking
the language of health, the language of iPhone,
the images of technology’s father and mother messaged
and sent with healing touches
forwarded, selected, deleted, texted.

OK to read, OK to key, OK to text!
The wonders of this room:window to privacy;
We’re touched by science winking on an iPhone:
honoring eons of evolving, human messages
from air to fire to bone to blood, touched
by all that served; the findings turned to text.

Touched centuries ago by sapient speakers;
text-grunts becoming words; from privacy
to messages, crossed oceans, isles and iPhones.

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