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Jesus decided to go outside the Israelites, the high priests, the wealthy and the clean to include the poor and blind and deaf in his mercy and salvation. He pours forth a gift of faith and watches to see if the called will serve with and show faith and good works! Even the poor will be welcome at the table of love and bread. They will open up and extend themselves to the needy. Include the needy in their boundaries, as Christ did.
James 2:1-10, 11-13, 14-17.



The Golden Era

by Claudia Serea

Wealth was measured in cream for coffee

and chicken for soup.

The days of the rich

were made of imported chocolate

and hair spray.

The days of the poor

were of cold tea

and thin air.

It was the time when God

was taking orders in a restaurant

and delivered steak and fondue

to only one part of the town.

On the town streets,

the saints were walking without shoes.

It was a time when no one talked

but everyone clapped

and sang.

We found out we were happy

from the news.

It was a time

when no one told us

what would happen,

but everyone knew.
“The Golden Era” by Claudia Serea from Nothing Important Happened Today. Broadstone Books © 2016.

Saint David Nussbaum


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