people matching art

We are one color. When I return home, I must attend to:


clocks, plants, newspapers,

laundry, mail, packages, first

frost, fridge, deck, lamps, etc. ( messages, alerts…..)

Pattern #31Bosk


busk bush-a small wood
thicket of bushes bosquet,
boscage, grove, shrubs, trees!

plantation picture!

Chickadee or Goldfinch

upsidedown goldfinch

How could it be
the sleek goldfinch
I see
each day
became the
round chickadee in winter’s snow upon the deck?

Now I know
they share the seeds
the genes
the species
mates and dates
and yellow fates.
chickadee and goldfinch combo
May 25, 2013

Vernal Equinox


Lonely in the vastness?

Rotate round renew!
Faith unfolds
To hold you fast:
Magnetic field of daisy arms.

Lonely in the field?

Face the sun;
Drink the rays,
Yellow to green
To violet light:
Spirits joined!

Lonely ’til you pray!


Fuscia Christmas Cactus

Prune the plants;
New shoots dance.

Snip the tip;
Roots then sip

Deep below:
Tendrils grow.

Invisible surprise!

December 25, 2012
I was very sick for Christmas: dehydrated, anemic, acute bronchitis, diabetic spike of 285, bladder infection, allergic reaction to levaquin. I had to stay in the manger while my 74 year old sister cared for me.
On Christmas Eve she went to Hunter Mountain to snow-shoe but found it cost $60 to walk on the mountain path.
Then the Nor’easter forcast for the 26th would endanger her driving home to Boston. Snow in the Berkshire Corridor was not snow shoe weather either.
So, on Christmas Day, she spent the afternoon pruning my plants; dusting and talking to them. It was priceless. We decided to get rid of the beastly ones, not civilized enough for the living room.
Every time she cut off a Christmas cactus, I cringed. I gasped at each bright fuscia blossom but forgot the root growth and new shoots invisible to my glance.
She strengthened, loved each plant, and renewed each one. Honored it.
She strengthened me; loved me in each feeding, and renewed my 72 year old bones. Honored me for Christmas.
Sister Virginia Mary of Christ (my religious name) had a visitation for Christmas by her sister, Virginia. It was MAGIC!

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