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illustration by Elizabeth Stanton

Am working on a picture book about the foxes tamed in Siberia. Ever since the Rhyming Picture Books Conference in NYC, I keep thinking about manuscripts that rhyme, but have concluded that to have a story, illustrations that bleed on the page and regular rhymes is simply too much for the page! Love J Patrick Lewis’s poetry anthologies but he doesn’t have to lay out the pages; the art director does. And there’s no story with a character who engages the reader from page 5 on…I’m also grappling with science (non-fiction) and animal characters (fictionalized)
Meanwhile, I’m trying to use Procreate on an iPad to illustrate. Being a tactile girl, the virtual tools are not a good fit!
Ho-hum on I go.



Press Release


Press Release for Self Publishing an e-picture -book:


I want people to be able to turn the pages with their fingers or a magic mouse.
The text has to be large enough
and I want a double page spread to be on a mobile device.
Finally, I want the book to be in full color.

Can people order an e-copy for a reasonable price
a high-resolution glossy photo paper hard copy one at a time?
Hard cover? Soft cover? Custom size?

If you want the answers, come to Jeanne Poland’s Show:
July 18,2013 4-6PM
The Blue Hill Gallery
@Columbia Greene Community College
4400 Route 23
Hudson, NY 12534
518 828-4181
518 755-5310

Although the show is up from July 1 to July 28, 2013,
the college is closed on Friday and Sunday.
M-Th 8AM-9PM
Sat 9-5PM

If you can’t make it to the demo on July 18th, you can view the books at (search Jeanne Poland)
blog: Jeanne Poland July 2, 2013

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