Technology’s Security

(Jeanne home-made) in Looksery on her iPhone 6+


Technology’s Security


Tech tries to code


tries to hide it in passwords

questions about your mother’s maiden name

your digits

on phones, birthdays, childhood pets;

then warns you not to use nick-names

which betray your predilections;

when actually

security is simply



the balance of listening instead of


Ice Romance


posted by Catherine Johnson


Canada blesses

love with icicles, pets, and

shadowed evergreens

Definition #375 Mail Boat

Mail boat

Who rides the mail boat on Mt Desert Island?

Who rides the mail boat on Mt Desert Island?

pets, students, teachers

skip to islands: Cranberry

with their sundries/mail

Mother’s Day


Mother still at 72
Children 36 and 38
Grands at 4 and 2
Pets at 12 and 10.

Like an iceberg
Memory melting
Adrift in changing times
Wide bottom principled.

Seas swirl round
Horns pierce fog
Boats pass leery
Fish respect.

Mother still at 72
Dates to keep
Boundaries to set
Trust to feed and grow.
All rights.

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