endless space to bend



endless space to bend



endless space to bend

One hundred sixty hours of work:

byPavelKulsha took 160hours

It took Pavel Kulsha 160 hours to complete this magnificent illustration…


Is it the details?



 hues and values?

 brush strokes?

 textile designs?

iconic style?


or all of the above?



I begin with watercolor
I begin with pen
I begin with color pencil
I begin to when

I begin with inspiration
I begin with sweat
I begin with cool perspective
I begin to fret

I begin to swing the lines
I begin to shade
I begin to add details
I’m so glad I played!

Definition # 66 Storytelling, Slowed Down: On Writing Vertically

Vertical Story telling for Pre-schoolers

Vertical Story Telling for Pre-schoolers

Ripatrazone talks about his own writing habits,

and his attraction to moving down within the page, rather than across it:

I write vertically.

I have never been a writer with a lot of time to write.

I am thankful for that. I am not sure what would happen if I had hours to work.

 It makes me not want to squander the moments when I sit with a story.

This is a necessary tension.

I am not a writer first.

I have a family, and without them I would have little reason to want to write — or to do anything else.

My desire to create is held in silence during the day, so that my literary moments can be focused and absolute.

“Gestation of Ideas: On Vertical Writing and Living” is a lovely read, no matter if you’re a writer of fiction or nonfiction.

Ripatrazone shares insights on the writing life,

the benefits of slowing down and letting ideas unfold naturally,

and the importance of time and perspective when telling the stories within us.
Storytelling, Slowed Down: On Writing Vertically
by Cheri Lucas Rowlands

Children Without TV #11 Perspective

Up the page hides the background

Up the page hides the background

Down the page comes the foreground

Down the page comes the foreground

gentle creatures watch…
their thirst, their guts call near-far
share air, earth, fire, gaze.

The Mind


Is it a product of the brain?
Or a slave?
The free will of the brain?
A continuum?

Pushkin says “inspiration is needed just as much in Geometry as in Poetry.”

Brain needs INSIGHT.
A new way of looking at things!

Explore all 11 dimensions.
Alter your perspective!

Expect a thrilling
vision of the cosmos!

Step up to it!

Writing and Illustrating

Spine Poem of Jeanne's Poetry Books

Spine Poem of Jeanne’s Poetry Books

Comment to Laura Purdie Salas:
I find your descriptions so refreshing!
I’ve been tight-rope-walk-ing the last 3 years between writing and illustrating. Writers have very distinct tastes in illustrations, sometimes detailed visions of the image to accompany their words.
They have little experience with the techniques for illustrating, and can’t relate to the technique, but only the finished image. I heard one editor say she waited 2 years for a chosen illustrator to become available for a book. No wonder publishing takes 4 years or more.
Meanwhile, e-publishing can be a blip.
Over the last 3 years I’ve found most of my revelations unfolding when we present at a poetry reading: aloud brings perspective.
Jeanne Poland

Reply from Laura Purdie Salas:
Interesting observations, Jeanne! That’s one thing about self-publishing–most people, even most traditionally published writers like me, have little real insight into the processes of visual arts. Even though I appreciate that illustrating a picture book, for instance, is every bit as demanding and time-consuming as writing one, I really don’t know much about the ins and outs. It’s always a revelation when I get to hear an illustrator speak at a conference and see their process. Or even just revealing blog posts, like the one at 7-Imp with Erin Stead showing some of her linoleum blocks from if you want to see a whale. ( Amazing.

It’s hard just keeping track of my writing career and all its variations and fluctuations. I can’t even imagine throwing illustration into the mix. That’s the silver lining, I guess, of my having absolutely no artistic talent:>)

Thanks for sharing!

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