archetype: teacher

Jeanne Poland-Quick Silver Calligraphy

in 2005 the lights came to change illusion to illumination

like my mentor, my calling changed from medical intuitive to healer:

Entering the castle by Caroline Myss
“I believe that the divine is everywhere and exists within even the most intimate details of our lives. All that we experience today has its purpose in tomorrow’s events; sometimes, the purpose is not evident for years of tomorrows. Yet, God prepares you for your spiritual journey, no matter how complicated, painful, or demanding it might become. For this reason, patience, trust, and faith must become constants for you; you cannot, and indeed you must not, even attempt to believe you know what is best for you. The divine will reveal its plan for you; you have to be open to receive it.

 It takes great courage to get to know your soul. This is because, once you do come to know it-and engage its power and live according to its authority-the divine itself will come to call. Once you are conscious of your soul, you are likely to be ‘called.’ Facing that call also requires courage because it can take you to both intensely light and intensely dark places.”

~ Caroline Myss

Evolve…(version 2)


My sister, Ginger, a psychologist shared in this piece by editing it from her personal experience counseling veterans.

I have rewritten it and want to share it with you today. She also recommended the book at the bottom. I have ordered it myself from Amazon.

If you want to share your reaction to the book or post , feel free to share on this blog.

The Quicksilver Chronicle

Quick Silver


written by Jeanne Poland


Oliver’s Birthday




Oliver is nine on Feb 9, 2020


He gets nine dollars twice: $18.

Not enough for his new bike pedals,

but enough for multiplication and addition practice

learning to budget time and dollars

learning to budget patience too

daily at the mill of generosity

in the village where children thrive!

under the gown


illustrator: Julie Rowan Zoch


waiting 78 years…


for a colostomy bag on my right

and a catheter on my left

for a pole laden with tubes to drag behind while I walk the halls…

for a way to keep accidents from the bed

mattress, mattress cover, sheets, comforter, carpet, gown,

and avoid the cold wet feeling that robs me of sleep’s gentle release.

More chance to practice diligence


and other qualities

worn in heaven.

all rights


Your pet animals are waiting for you…


your pets are waiting to welcome you to heaven


the relationship went 2 ways

mutually caring

a tail wagging

continual show of loyalty




and open-hearted kisses!

A Loving Mate


Photo from pre-red hair Jeanne


Want to share how elder couples show tenderness 3 days before Valentines Day:

I had an accident leaving my car in the garage and had to clean the floor, car, clothes, body, bathroom, shower, mop, etc etc. Meanwhile messages were coming in from my son and daughter that required responses!

It took 2 hours to clean up and restore freshness.

When I confided to Don what had happened, he helped me finish the clean up, and then offered to rub my feet with lavender, scratch my back to help me sleep, and promised to do more of this when needed. In between, several jokes about the incident kept us laughing!

Once again we got a great taste of elder intimacy.

Recipe: trust, patience, sense of humor, loyalty!

A World of Teal


My sister-in-law in 2006

Meaning of The Color Teal.

  refreshing, feminine, calming, sophisticated,

energy, wisdom, serenity, wholeness,

creativity, emotional balance, good luck,

spiritual grounding, friendship, love, joy,

tranquility, patience, intuition, and loyalty.

Saint David Nussbaum


border by Cherkasova; Adobe inDesign by Jeanne


my Podiatrist

is extraordinary:

as I proclaim here.

May Comes Out to Curtsy


illustrator: Elizabeth Rose Stanton

E-mail to my sister in law:

I heard the fatigue in your voice on the phone when Don called.
All the Birthdays you hosted! The Tom healing…the Dad healing…all the grandchildren…Aunt Dotty…all the Wisconsin relatives….on and on and on.

Now it is May and Mother’s Day comes out to  curtsy. You are not the mother who says “what’s for me?” but the one who says “what can I do for all my motherly friends?”

Are you not the mirror of your mother? Is that not what she did?
And both of you welcomed me, as a third care-taker? Relieved that a grown woman would take care of your brother.

The circle of humor, patience, good will, enduring listening.
Bless us each and all!


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