There is always confusion in Democracy…

Who's in charge? MaMa? PaPa?

Who’s in charge? MaMa? PaPa?

Would you trust this woman to Judge?

Would you trust this woman to Judge?

Who’s voice is first?
Who discerns the rights-commands?
Open Love Supreme!

Children Without TV #34 Who do we love?

Apple's Cloud proudly presents: Annika's much loved farm friends!

Apple’s Cloud proudly presents: Annika’s much loved farm friends!

Drawn on i-Pad Air on Thursday March 13,2014

i-Pad Air transports
favored personalities
known and stroked on farm.

Papa, Mama met
on farm; brought their care to cubs,
calves, babes and off-spring!

Children Without TV #4

Oliver Tries Push-Ups

Oliver Tries Push-Ups

Not Sponge Bob hero
but Papa, and his love of
muscles trained to lift!

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