Definition #219 Chaos

Annika without the chrome effect on the iPhone6x

Annika without the chrome effect on the iPhone6x

From John Poland to

Owen to Annika to

yellow butterfly!

Happy Birthday John

May 23 1929

Chaos theory is sometimes known as “the butterfly effect,” a term coined by Lorenz in an attempt to explain how small actions in a dynamic system like the atmosphere could trigger vast and unexpected changes.
“Does the flap of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil set off a tornado in Texas?”

Edward Norton Lorenz

Where Am I?

etching by Ruby Silvious

etching by Ruby Silvious

“Where am I” Haiku:

Sometimes in the fog
emerge my roots-not to
tangle but embrace.

Before Owen was born John biked from Nassau to Queens on Long Island’s North Shore.
Now 45 years later, Owen heads the Columbia County Mountain Bike Alliance.
The soil waited for the son, and made a path for him.

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