What does Annika need in her lair?

1000 dandelions hung on the tree
a magic wand tree branch
a rock pile (cairn)
cleared sitting area
sunlight glances
visitors who summon her forth to mountain bike feats in the air!

All rights.

Little Spelunker 5


Can you wear his hat?
Mountain bike like that?

Skateboard, build, and climb?
Stop upon a dime?

Struggle through a maze?
Triumph in a haze?

Clean the mess?
Imagine, guess?



At one, I get around …
On ATV, through the woods with squirrels, foxes, bears;
On mountain bikes with free stylers’twists and airs,
On skateboards with their “pop and shove-it” pairs.

Oliver owns the ATV

On ATV, through the woods with squirrels, foxes, bears;
We track them down and race past trees in wild wood dungarees;
‘N helmets, belts and safety bars that bring risk to its knees.

Oliver sets off for free wheeling

On mountain bikes with free stylers’ twists and airs,
It’s “rail the turn”, “blunt the wall”,
“Wheelie drops” and “fakie falls”

Let’s try a “pop-shove-it”

On skateboards with their “pop and shove it”pairs:
The ollies, flips, and grinds;
The “no-complies” and never minds!

Jeanne Poland
All rights.
Thank you to Joy Acey for the prompt.


Hummingbird found something new
Upon my deck today.
Feeder joined with Crazy-glue
From squirrel’s mad foray!

Robins, peckers, finches, doves
Suskines, sparrows flew-
Aghast at squirrel’s leaping loves
Of nuts and seeds and brew.

Squirrel flew and danced and jumped
In whirling desperate view-
His wingless leaps left him dumped
In frenzied Crazy-glue!

Steven Withrow

I am enjoying reading Steven’s pdf: All Out of Doors, a chapbook of poems by Steven Withrow

Steven Withrow
rows his way
with oars
wide open
through the waves;

He weaves his verses
with each row:
cleaves in
He knows.
he throws.

He rows.

July 6, 2012
Jeanne Poland

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