Sport Activity Vehicle


Q’s new BMW1X in silver


Jeanne’s silver Rogue


Mother and Daughter

sport activity vehicles

seats for mates

power for road

ease for drive

style for eye

links to lights

on line, in sky, in hearts!

Where’s Quenby?

On Missing my Thirty-six Year Old Daughter

Where’s Quenby?

A Poem For Two voices

Where’s Quenby?
She’s fine.
Lost on-line?
She’s fine.
Still mine?
All her own.
Gone on quest?
She’ll find.
Out to dine?
Food’s fine.
Sipping wine?
Buzz’s fine.
Whining time?
Seizing time;
Shake it up
And grab it time.

I am here.
She is there.
We are everywhere.

Don’t fret.
Go get
Her cell message.
Eat it up.
Wait some more.

by Jeanne Poland

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