Children Without TV #27 Naming the Babies

Antique Boy Doll/Assume the position!

Antique Boy Doll/Assume the position!

New his and her dolls
must be named; Oliver laughs:
“Lily Pad”‘s his name!

Facetime with Owen, Annika and Oliver


If I could design my own planet, there would be this triumvirate of people.
Triangular energy would propel synergy round and round until it radiated throughout to kin and beyond. Rays to embrace the world and its rainbows of many colors.
The future is not the dark; but the golden hue of possibilities!


Pattern #65 Wood Pile

Photo by Owen Oliver stacks 10/13

Photo by Owen
Oliver stacks 10/13

Splitting , stacking wood
secures our warmth ‘gainst ice-frost:
cold cocoons melt fast!

Pattern #47 Blogging

Oliver Tries Push-Ups

Oliver Tries Push-Ups

Blogging’s like push-ups
Every day counts.

Small push grows big push
Larger amounts.

Sprinkle some sunshine
Add singing birds.

Follow each link
Neither lost nor swerved.

Say it succinctly
Write it: be brave

Blog it; don’t hog it
Just polish each rave.

(I have been invited to play with a Mortimer Minute starting tomorrow. Bring it on!)

Poetry Reading July18, 2013

We enjoyed our Poetry Reading, singing and view of Jeanne’s family of self-published e-books.
Several artists learned how to publish on

Quenby Poland’s photos in the books and frames were

Even Oliver and Annika , at 2 and 4 years of age participated.

Who knew Columbia Greene College could
welcome all ages to their halls to celebrate life, love and fine art without a wrinkle in time?

If you have trouble viewing this video, try using the Vimeo link, and watch it on your browser.

2 Two Wheelers

Wow! A two year old and a 4 year old ride two wheel bikes without training wheels.
Behold the bold ones on their own bike trails at home (on the range in Austerlitz, NY).
Poppa, a mountain biker and trail maker, has fashioned the trails in the woods to facilitate their tricks and new “flippy-do’s”. (Oliver’s term)
The video is shot with an iPhone 4s and then shared to Vimeo and embedded in the blog post.

2 Two Wheelers from Jeanne Poland on Vimeo.

Oliver and Annika Vie for the Giraffe

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