Sometimes Boston brings NYC to me…


appearing in Boston 2019


used to go west

to the Ballet in Chelsea, NYC;

now go east

to Boston’s Theaters,

and the leap of Ailey’s Troupe!


Is Alvin a chipmunk?


Alvin Ailey @ Boston


Used to see the dance

in Chelsea, NYC;

shining now in MA!


wombmy son Owen was born in August, 1977

Here he is on July, 1977, while the Black-out descended on NYC:

There was a blackout in New York City on this date in 1977. Lightning struck three times that night, hitting Con Edison substations and shutting down the power grid. The city went dark at about 9:30 p.m. Kennedy and LaGuardia airports had to be shut down for eight hours, tunnels in and out of the city were closed, and thousands of people had to be evacuated from the subways.

There had been a similar blackout in 1965, and people had faced it with good humor, but in 1977, New York was in the middle of an economic crisis, and unemployment rates were high. There was also a serial killer, who called himself “Son of Sam,” on the loose, and the city was in the grip of a brutal heat wave. It was the worst time for a catastrophic blackout; the city was a powder keg.

In the 25 hours before power was restored, more than 1,600 stores were looted, more than a thousand fires were set, and nearly 3,800 looters were arrested. It was an ugly day in New York City

but a night of promise for babies to be born!

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