fly over the blood moon


illustrator:  Nikolaj Djatschenko


time to try those wings

on a dark matter quest

for the furry discovery

of the January blood moon!


January 2019 lunar eclipse: How to watch the super blood wolf moon eclipse. … Starting Jan. 20, a total lunar eclipse, or blood moon, that coincides with a supermoon, will be visible throughout the United States. The event starts late in the evening Jan. 20 and finishes during the wee hours of Jan. 21.


Take time for a tummy rub…


time for a tummy rub      (illustrator: Nikolaj Djatschenko -)

take time to play

access your creative core

defy doom

practice hope!

be foxy about it!

Ninja’s Rock!


by Nicolaj: a tribute to Disney’s Kung-Fu Panda


sharp claws-pointed barbs

steady glare-balanced stance-light

footsteps-quiet goal



artist: Nicolaj


tiger pause begins

the revolution; kick-starts

the change we thirst for

What a cute mother fox!


Another Nicolaj Masterpiece


How can eyes be scrunched

up and looking proud at the

same time I snuggle?

Portals 3


illustrator: Nicolaj Djatschenko

secret way to thrive:

teach the young to share and care;

make them free to choose

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