Tongue Twister #36 Distance 7

Fawn to Doe

Tame to wild
Held to lift
Small to tall
Slow to swift.

Milk to bark
Bleat to nod
Nest to field
Soft to hard

Babe to Doe
Sniff to know
Shift to surge
Rest to go

Riddle#35: Love Song


At 6AM , 2 feet away from my recliner, a resident hummingbird calls for a mate. Last Spring, I observed her mother 2 babies in the birdhouse, and she has returned to woo a male. He is not allowed in the nest, as it is small and will be filled with the babies. How quaint!

Love Song

calls for a mate: a
beak lifted
to the sky.
Last spring birthed two babes;
Empty bird house waits.
(a Shadorma)

Different Strokes

Different Strokes

Some friends wait inside the nest
Weaving grass and twigs for young;
While others hunt and gather food
And flap their wings and scolding tongue!

Together they create a home
A welcome mat for all:
The tired, lost and wasted birds
Who learn to fly and call:

Tweet tweet
Quack quack
Whooo whooo
Love you!

Jeanne Poland

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