There’s a blossom on my bottom
where a caterpillar kissed me;
and another on my shoulder
from a spider-bite blushed pink-y.

These bugs, they think I’m candy,
Look for nectar in my family;
Leave gingham prints upon my skin
And phantoms in my belly!

Jeanne Poland

My Holy Spirit (5)


Wind dancer: Hummer Warrior;
Dazzling feathers of red and green;
Sacred Bird; tireless energy;
Nectar of Joy, Swiftness and Balance.

Dazzling feathers of red and green
From gray to the sun’s brightest hues:
Resplendent, divine whispered dews.

Sacred bird: tireless energy
Apparitions of ancestors past:
Their magic and chantings ring fast!

Nectar of Joy, Swiftness and Balance:
All nature bows down in worship
Before thee, Wind Dancer,Hum Warrior!

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