Maps and Graduations


letting it go!


Maps and Graduations


time to navigate

to the luncheon

Google map shows 2 addresses-

phone for info

then Google map leads to a dead end

for the graduation

phone for Apple map


then try to find handicapped route through the mud and rain

Don leaves me in the car

with no car key


Rescued by my daughter’s texts

emotional support from i-Messaging


daughter GPS

gives me courage

what a great family I have

graduating all from chaos to emerging disparate master plans!

start ups: all of us!



"Let's see what this icon does"

“Let’s see what this icon does”

With one finger tip I can:
Scroll and move between items
Use a slider
Select items.

With two finger tips I can:
Zoom in to or zoom out from the screen
Move items from one place to another
Minimize apps and show your Active Frames
View the Hub
Show the menus
Show the keyboard
Navigating within an app

With my whole hand I can:
Hide an iPhone
snap a selfie
see my pix
speak to Siri
learn letters
phone my folks
stay in touch…



Owen in 2007

Owen in 2007

Cataracts grew back. Can’t drive at night, see the text on the computer or the labels on the meds…
Can’t walk and talk at the same time…need to balance carefully.
Packed and drove to Newport, RI.
Unpacked, shopped, unpacked, navigated my ass off.
Couldn’t find my meds at 7PM. Pictured them home under the dining table.
Back in the car to drive 4 hours home, sleep there, and drive back to RI in the AM.
Stopped for gas in MA and found the bag with the meds in the trunk of car.
Returned to the Newport Bay Club, after 2 hours more in the car.
Couldn’t see, hear or navigate another millimeter.

Let go. Let God. Rode on grace!

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