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And: “When you’re writing a book, you don’t really think about it critically. You don’t want to know too well what you’re doing. First, you write the book, then you find the justification for it. The book is constructed as a conversation, with someone doing most of the talking and someone doing most of the listening.”
American novelist E.L. Doctorow

American novelist E.L. Doctorow
He wrote: “Everything is held together with stories. That is all that is holding us together, stories and compassion.”

He said: “I’m not writing about nature. I’m writing about humanity. And if I have a subject, it is justice. And the rediscovery of the manifold way in which our lives can be shaped by the recovery of a sense of reverence for life.”

Definition #223 Reality

Calligraphy by John Stevens

Calligraphy by John Stevens

Nature’s flourishes

fly like seeds, seeking roots, spores

real, verdant, fertile.


Nature Walk in Ghent

Nature Walk in Ghent

Every hand’s a pouch;
Uncle’s back a rickshaw run
Through the forest road.

Pattern #31Bosk


busk bush-a small wood
thicket of bushes bosquet,
boscage, grove, shrubs, trees!

plantation picture!

Pattern #25 Cross

Photo by Quenby  Intersection

Photo by Quenby

Right angles pierce di-
mensions; divine to earthly
separate nevermore!

Patterns #3 Horizon



Horizontal threads
Pulse across eyes’ latitudes
Attitudes becalm.

Tongue Twister #30: Distance


pet to raptor
rapture met
in feathers

beak of raptor
no back door

claws of raptor
not yet sharp-

baby raptor
tiny squat
knows not what
a raptor does


The Dawn of the Fawn

newborn fawn

It was
the dawn
of the fawn

A bleat
from feet
to teat

of mom
in bush
of lush

green twigs
sweet digs
deer jigs!

Chickadee or Goldfinch

upsidedown goldfinch

How could it be
the sleek goldfinch
I see
each day
became the
round chickadee in winter’s snow upon the deck?

Now I know
they share the seeds
the genes
the species
mates and dates
and yellow fates.
chickadee and goldfinch combo
May 25, 2013



What does Annika need in her lair?

1000 dandelions hung on the tree
a magic wand tree branch
a rock pile (cairn)
cleared sitting area
sunlight glances
visitors who summon her forth to mountain bike feats in the air!

All rights.

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