Turn and Look


middle age has a tough time turning to look


grands have no trouble

turning to grin at Nana-

but my son

has to follow my weird directions

and wonders ’bout my sanity

“face away”, he wonders

“from my mother on Mother’s Day”

with my biking shoes

and their LLBean boots

purchased for them by Nana- obliging,

diligently winking with side looks

back to the village that raises them.


Pool Happiness


Jeanne’s watercolor of Owen at 3 years old

“I love you, Nana!”

shouts Oliver as he splashes into the indoor pool

for the 100th time

clutching his noodle to buffer his plunge-

to allow him to weather a swim

under the roof

during the thunder storm overhead.


I did indeed

find us a condo at the Ponds at Fox Run in Lenox

which offers him swim, fish, supper

in all kinds of weather.

Perhaps I’ll name him my campaign manager

for my run as “nana of the year!”


Definition #320 Ingenuity

Oliver's Painting

Oliver’s Painting


“Nana, I’m going

to lock your car” challenges

tricky Oliver.

Definition #152 Identity

Oliver asserts himself: I am unique have observations individual tastes 3/2015

Oliver asserts himself: I am unique
have observations
individual tastes

Nana: “I hate you”

“You are a bad painter”

“I’m not listening!”

The grandson gets my attention and my respect, the little teaser !

Children Without TV #19 Candlelight

Candlelight for Don and Jeanne

Candlelight for Don and Jeanne

Golden Glow spotlights
love between Nana and Don:
cake’s ingredients!

( Grand-children helped Emily add the pineapple, carrots, nuts, work the blender, clean the bowls, place the candles, and of course, blew them out before Nana had even sucked in the breath to extinguish them.)
( Papa made them wait for the singing until the supper dishes had been put away and the kitchen cleaned. Apparently, patience holds the mix together, like egg yolk in the batter.)

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