Things That make Me Happy

sunny window sill

Walking tall and walking free,
Seeing through and waiting ’til;
Hearing well and opening up,
Speaking true and Spirit’s will.

Seeing through and waiting ’til
All’s revealed beyond the sill:
Daylight’s brilliance cast at will.

Hearing well and opening up,
Truth be rattled: tea be read:
Secrets told; mysteries wed.

Speaking true and Spirit’s will
From within: be quiet “whim”!
In the light, illusions thin.

Annika, at three years old, is awestruck at:

Annika, at three years old, is awestruck at:

Giant beings
Thunderous clappings

Father’s hands
Mom’s commands

Cyclone’s howl
Wasp’s sharp jowl

Crushing weights
Slamming gates

Clanging locks
Darkness’ knocks


But, most of all,
Mother love
Father love
Brother love!

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