Carpe Diem…gently

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Carpe Diem
by Jim Harrison

Night and day
seize the day, also the night —
a handful of water to grasp.
The moon shines off the mountain
snow where grizzlies look for a place
for the winter’s sleep and birth.
I just ate the year’s last tomato
in the year’s fatal whirl.
This is mid-October, apple time.
I picked them for years.
One Mcintosh yielded sixty bushels.
It was the birth of love that year.
Sometimes we live without noticing it.
Overtrying makes it harder.
I fell down through the tree grabbing
branches to slow the fall, got the afternoon off.
We drove her aqua Ford convertible into the country
with a sack of red apples. It was a perfect
day with her sun-brown legs and we threw ourselves
into the future together seizing the day.
Fifty years later we hold each other looking
out the windows at birds, making dinner,
a life to live day after day, a life of
dogs and children and the far wide country
out by rivers, rumpled by mountains.
So far the days keep coming.
Seize the day gently as if you loved her.

Jim Harrison, “Carpe Diem” from Dead Man’s Float. Copyright © 2016 by Jim Harrison. Used by permission of The Permissions Company, LLC on behalf of Copper Canyon Press,

What sleeps below in November?


painting by Neil Waldman


spotlight stars, moon, clouds

hills, mountains, coast, trees, sea, spires

energy’s reflections

Definition #180 Map

Christina Boucher Graphic Artist Southwest  Harbor, Maine

Christina Boucher
Graphic Artist
Southwest Harbor, Maine

the graphic artist

praises the fjord

(largest on the Eastern Coast of the USA)

shows the terrain of Mt Desert Island

and the Acadia National Forest.

mountains and harbor spoon on the craggy shore.

lobsters lap in the tides.

map lines rise up

dance their ancient minuet

evolve in sync.

Lift Me Up

Nuzzle me! Then let me explore!

Nuzzle me!
Then let me explore!

Made the Newport Trip
mountains to seashore: snow-fog
craggy liquid streams.

I-Clouds Got the Dirt on You

What will the cloud hold next? More than raindrops?

What will the cloud hold next?
More than raindrops?

The i-Clouds
“got the dirt”
on you!

holds it in the haze
flies it past mountains
screens it from hawks.

Then rains it down as mud
that thuds on heads:
splotches eyes
drips off nose
blows its spatter
on what matters.

sift for seeds
to grow trees
that grow leaves
to scatter into soil
for clouds to suck
to “hold the dirt”
on you.

My Autobiography

The Ageless Woman

Table of Contents

Farms in Queens
German Ghetto
St. Thomas the Apostle Parish
Dominican Nuns
The Band
Girl Scouts
The Elevated Train
Brooklyn Catholic High Schools
Convent Life in the Sixties
Coming Out
Meeting the Trappist Priest
Teaching Art in the New York City HS
Having 3 babies in 4 years
Raising Children on the North Shore of Long Island
Equality in a Marriage
The Midwest
Art & Teaching
City girl goes to the Mountains
Home Owners Association
Elder Years
Being Published
Health Maintenance
Grand Children

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