A litany poem by Jeanne Poland
March 29,2019
Highlights Foundation

What the fuck?
My poop is yellow.
Bright like a gall bladder spurt!

What the fuck?
It screamed its way
out of me
onto the roadside.

What the fuck?
The Burger King toxin
rushes to gravity’s end.

What the fuck?
I ate too fast!
(It would have dripped its essence into my lap if I delayed)

What the fuck?
I’m poop girl,
and need a bathroom.
The GPS can’t see one.

What the fuck?
It took 5 hours to drive a mountain trip of 3.
No signs say: “LAVATORY”

What the fuck?
Invent a seat that opens up in the car
with a hollow bowl for bile…

What the fuck?
Put one in all the luxury models.

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