Palindrome: Layers


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Written 4 times, in reverse and backwards.

The Path to Glory

Yesterday I donated my old record collection: a combination of classical, popular, guitar, and children’s recordings.I listened to Marlo Thomas on the old turntable and waved “Goodbye”.
I can still say “Hello” again on the audio-tapes and cd’s, as well as call up the iTunes versions electronically. Enter: the Bose Players!
On all these devices, music is still the Path to Glory.

Illustrious radiance,
Magnificent splendor,

Resplendent delightful praise!

Majestic beauty,
Distinctive grandeur,

Exalted brilliant richness!

Divine rank,

Celestial supernal music.

Eye Looks Out

Through the wood slowly

Annika peeks out in wonder

Eye looks out
At majesty
Long grown
With sun
And rain
And heat
And ice.
Tree rings
And lichen
To behold.

80,000,000 years ago
Trees grew
In Greenland’s
Where now
Froze glaciers

A tiny child
Peeks out
Grandpa wood.
A seed
Takes root.

By Jeanne Poland
All rights reserved.

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