Geneen Roth lives with messy and magnificent


Let the ashes settle

then ride the phoenix

the shooting, quiet stars in the moonlit calming light

wriggling portal


illustrator: J Byron Schachner


News from Geneen Roth:

“Life is messy …and magnificent”


“As temporary, fragile and vulnerable as our bodies are,

they are the most direct portals to the only forever there is.”


The Path to Glory

Yesterday I donated my old record collection: a combination of classical, popular, guitar, and children’s recordings.I listened to Marlo Thomas on the old turntable and waved “Goodbye”.
I can still say “Hello” again on the audio-tapes and cd’s, as well as call up the iTunes versions electronically. Enter: the Bose Players!
On all these devices, music is still the Path to Glory.

Illustrious radiance,
Magnificent splendor,

Resplendent delightful praise!

Majestic beauty,
Distinctive grandeur,

Exalted brilliant richness!

Divine rank,

Celestial supernal music.

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