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Telepathic Influence and Remote Hypnosis. In books, movies and theatre, there is a long tradition of showing an evil character with the power to control minds. Normally this person seduces young women and uses undo influence to gain money that is not rightfully his, or some equally despicable set of actions, to make sure we know this person is evil.

talisman tal·is·man
* 1. an object, typically an inscribed ring or stone, that is thought to have magic powers and to bring good luck: “those rings, so fresh and gleaming, were their talismans”
Talisman – Wikipedia
en.wikipedia.org › wiki › Talisman
A talisman is any object ascribed with religious or magical powers intended to protect, heal, or harm individuals for whom they are made. Talismans are often portable objects carried on someone in a variety of ways, but can also be installed permanently in architecture.

para-psychology par·a·psy·chol·o·gy
* 1. the study of mental phenomena which are excluded from or inexplicable by orthodox scientific psychology (such as hypnosis, telepathy, etc.).
Parapsychology – Wikipedia
en.wikipedia.org › wiki › Parapsychology
Parapsychology is the study of alleged psychic phenomena (extrasensory perception, as in telepathy, precognition, clairvoyance, psychokinesis, a.k.a. telekinesis, and psychometry) and other paranormal claims, for example related to near-death experiences, synchronicity, apparitional experiences, etc.

an iron will
Urban Dictionary: iron will
http://www.urbandictionary.com › define
iron will. A burning determination that cannot be stopped or hindered by anything; Willing to do anything to get a desired out come; Extremely resilient. He has an iron will trying to stand up after that punch. by aurellious January 18, 2010. Flag.

IRON-WILLED | Definition of IRON-WILLED by Oxford Dictionary …
http://www.lexico.com › definition › iron-willed
adjective. Implacably determined on a course of action; very resolute. ‘an iron-willed leader who has rallied and refreshed her tiring team’. More example sentences. ‘I’d promised not to become a weakling; I promised to stay a strong iron-willed girl.’. ‘Only the most iron-willed amongst America’s youth can stand up to the pull of commercial pop culture.’.

an anagram from my name


I created this anagram from my name:




rainbow woman and the surviver


rainbow woman


survivor man


digital man-rests

enlightenment comes

while rainbows carry both!



By Joel Brouwer Nov3,2019 (Poetry Almanac)

He rose before her every morning
to walk three rainy February blocks
to the best and cheapest boulangerie.
Our secret, they said, and didn’t tell friends.
Bonjour Madame, bonjour Monsieur,
une baguette s’il vous plaît, oui Monsieur,
merci Madame, merci Monsieur.
The spell had to be pronounced perfectly
to accomplish the magic. By the time
he returned, she had everything ready,
the jam pots and butter, bowls of coffee.
Her skin still lustrous with sleep as she turned
toward him. He kissed her with his coat on, she
gleaming with heat, he with cold. I’m only
missing one thing, she said. Indicating
the black plastic basket on the table.

Joel Brouwer, “The Missing Thing” from And So. Copyright © 2009 by Joel Brouwer. Used by permission of The Permissions Company LLC on behalf of Four Way Books, http://www.fourwaybooks.com.

Orator tames the savage beast

JByronSchachner copy

illustrator: J Byron Schachner


The Story
By Fred Chappell
Once upon a time the farmer’s wife
told it to her children while she scrubbed potatoes.
There were wise ravens in it, and a witch
who flew into such a rage she turned to brass.
The story wandered about the countryside until
adopted by the palace waiting maids
who endowed it with three magic golden rings
and a handsome prince named Felix.
Now it had both strength and style and visited
the household of the jolly merchant
where it was seated by the fire and given
a fat gray goose and a comic chambermaid.
One day alas the story got drunk and fell
in with a crowd of dissolute poets.
They drenched it with moonlight and fever and fed it
words from which it never quite recovered.
Then it was old and haggard and disreputable,
carousing late at night with defrocked scholars
and the swaggering sailors in Rattlebone Alley.
That’s where the novelists found it.
“The Story” by Fred Chappell from The Yellow Shoe Poets: Selected Poems 1964-1999. © Louisiana State University Press, 1999


It was on this day in 1940 that Winston Churchill delivered a speech to the House of Commons with the famous line: “Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.” The Battle of Britain was raging, and he was referring to the small group of the Royal Air Force who had successfully held off the much larger Luftwaffe, the German air force.
Churchill wrote all of his own speeches, and he was a gifted orator, but people thought that his vocabulary and style of speaking were old-fashioned. But after the beginning of World War II, Churchill’s dramatic rhetoric fit the mood of the country.
His father, Lord Randolph Churchill, served in the Parliament and was a talented debater, famous for making spontaneous speeches. Winston, on the other hand, labored over every speech. He brainstormed, researched, planned out the speech in his head, then dictated it aloud to his secretary. From there, he revised it several times and typed it up in what he called “psalm form.” His speeches looked like blank verse poetry on the page, so that the rhythm and pauses were laid out just how he wanted them. Before Churchill delivered a speech, he would practice over and over, sometimes in the bathtub.

my Jesus Robe


Jeanne in one of her Jesus Robes


Jeanne’s Poem:
Some days I wear my Jesus robe
which covers my “no underwear.”

Other days, it’s cover for my manly, muscled legs
which younger brother labels “fat”.
(My fiancé smiles and retorts:”She doesn’t knock down easily”)

Other times my long robe is wide pants for yoga, skating and aerobic exercise-
somersaults, jumps and spinning.

Sometimes I cover with a long cape
for sacred rites, magic and covens.

Swishes live across my ankles,
flow with ‘lectric hems, static power.

Jesus robes are walls ‘gainst dust
windmills for energy: the Word of God, incarnate!

Blue eyed owl


Skippy John Jones and the blue-eyed view


I’ve never seen a blue-eyed owl…


lives only on the internet… like the blue feathers


these irises were human before being pasted here…


Enjoy the illusions of mystery and magic.

Conjure good fortune and wisdom.



art by Piwowarski


every sliver

conjures moonlight

cusps, magic, death, life,

bones and heart

If fox is a genie…


fox genie listens

to his own wishes, magic:

cunning conquests reign!

Definition #28 Forces

Spectrum magic: rainbow waves

Spectrum magic:
rainbow waves

science wears its hat:
top hat tips its rainbow out
laser spectrum show!

Children Without TV #30: Magic

photo 2

Bold, beguiling stare:
Where werewolves withering bare-
toothed fangs forebode fates…

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