Exploring Dementia

the written wordnotdead

“The written word is not dead!”

Feeling lost? Blank mind?

words, direction vaporized?

explore like a child!



Went to Albany Med for a biopsy.
Lost in the Infinite Hallways.
Chaplin befriends me on the elevator.
Holds my hand for 30 minutes on the way to Radiology.
Forgot the paper script.
They found me electronically.
Soul found home.
Thyroid found needle.
Ears heard doctor.
Heart found hope.
Angels held me fast
As always.



Owen in 2007

Owen in 2007

Cataracts grew back. Can’t drive at night, see the text on the computer or the labels on the meds…
Can’t walk and talk at the same time…need to balance carefully.
Packed and drove to Newport, RI.
Unpacked, shopped, unpacked, navigated my ass off.
Couldn’t find my meds at 7PM. Pictured them home under the dining table.
Back in the car to drive 4 hours home, sleep there, and drive back to RI in the AM.
Stopped for gas in MA and found the bag with the meds in the trunk of car.
Returned to the Newport Bay Club, after 2 hours more in the car.
Couldn’t see, hear or navigate another millimeter.

Let go. Let God. Rode on grace!

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