Definition #227 Simmering

Owen mimics his Mom; grabs her eyeglasses, and grins. He took 35 years to study this look!

Owen mimics his Mom; grabs her eyeglasses, and grins. He took 35 years to study this look!

expression simmers:

thirty years later erupts

with volcanic grin!

It’s the birthday of Walt Whitman , born in West Hills, Long Island, New York (1819). Whitman worked as a printing press typesetter, teacher, journalist, and newspaper editor. He was working as a carpenter, his father’s trade, and living with his mother in Brooklyn, when he read Ralph Waldo Emerson’s essay “The Poet,” which claimed the new United States needed a poet to properly capture its spirit. Whitman decided he was that poet. “I was simmering, simmering, simmering,” Whitman later said. “Emerson brought me to a boil.”
Whitman began work on his collection Leaves of Grass, crafting an American epic that celebrated the common man. He did most of the typesetting for the book himself, and he made sure the edition was small enough to fit in a pocket, later explaining, “I am nearly always successful with the reader in the open air.” He was 37 years old when he paid for the publication of 795 copies out of his own pocket.

Where Am I?

etching by Ruby Silvious

etching by Ruby Silvious

“Where am I” Haiku:

Sometimes in the fog
emerge my roots-not to
tangle but embrace.

Before Owen was born John biked from Nassau to Queens on Long Island’s North Shore.
Now 45 years later, Owen heads the Columbia County Mountain Bike Alliance.
The soil waited for the son, and made a path for him.

Congruence on Wednesday February 19, 2014

Photo by Seth Snap

Photo by Seth Snap

Had a date to see Leah’s artwork @ 240 Main St. Catskill. Tweaked the time from 10AM to 12 since I had a “meet & greet” with a new doctor @1:30PM.

At 7:30AM, I heard a rumbling vibrate through the townhouse and discovered the gas furnace was not able to switch on. Flailed around for a plumber. Don helped. Two came at 9AM, trouble shot, promised the boss would come later. (He was experienced with my system)

Meanwhile I had to cancel with Leah. Temperature in house plummeted to 50. Dressed in layers.

Couldn’t get out of driveway past the wall of snow. More snow fell. More plowing. Less roadway.

The new Doctor lives on Main St in Catskill. Congruence! She wants to buy my books to give to two of her expectant patients. She’s also a doctor of Osteopathy. Perfected my treatment for Osteopenia. Comes from Long Island. (We share familiar haunts)

The day was sprinkled with art, doctors and the earth colors of the Hudson Valley. None of it was my recipe. It was a “feast of the Holy Spirit”, nutrition for a week.

Today is February 21st, and the temperature is again 68. My finger touches are warm and I can share with you. (Congruence)

Here is a video of my townhouse. Tour it if you wish.

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