lately, every day’s a GPS

Daughters of Wisdom emblum

the international symbol for the Daughters of Wisdom, a French community of nuns I served in for ten years: 1957-1967

the motto

was “God Alone”

Deus Solus!

I learned to look at the world as She does!

Lately on the roads of Western Massachusetts,

I listen to my GPS

to follow the ribbons of curved roads

through the vales

over the hills

bridging the ponds

edging the lakes

spying the wild turkeys


Jacob’s pillow

Lenox, Lee, Stockbridge and Great Barrington


in all its May GLORY !

This state peeled its way from England

and moved west

settling estates by the wealthy

which would be given to every man

of every color

to nurture under our spacious skies

where our GPS looks down

and is often pleased!

(Yesterday I met a woman and man from Ireland. She taught Literature and he, Geography. We will stay in touch so I can learn more about Belfast and we can share the glory of the light coming through the dappled leaves) (from The Ponds on Fox Hollow)

Children Without TV #33 A Unique Kingdom

Snowshoes claim the top of the hill in triumph!

Snowshoes claim the top of the hill in triumph!

Nigerian poet, Ben Okri tells us:
“Literature always comes from a specific place, but it lives in its own unique kingdom

Woodland kingdom guards
explorers; spawns her young shoots
from her nourished roots.

New Book from Blurb: Tongue Twisters

Please enjoy my new book for free!


Please go to Blurb to read the book for free.

Try to view it in full screen format to read the poems easily.

My Marketing Vision


My fellow poet,Joy Acey, wants to know more about my Marketing Vision.
All my former books have been for “children of all ages“.
The next one, “Riddles”, will be for parents and pre-schoolers to read together.
My Blurb books were created to be free Galleries for friends and family on line. (Turn the page with the curser.)
Several editors have said that they are not written for children. (but sometimes about children)
So I have begun editing my 30 odd riddles, looking for single syllable words and straight-forward photos.
Amy VanDerwater’s book – Forest Has a Song – inspires me with its classic spacing.
So that lay-out is my design vision; the color themes will evolve; and the lovers of the book resonate.
(Like many fresh flowers in water at the farmer’s market.)

Riddle#14 Epigraph

A logo is an epigraph.

A motto or quotation, as at the beginning of a literary composition, setting forth a theme.
(Literary & Literary Critical Terms) a quotation at the beginning of a book, chapter, etc., suggesting its theme
quotation, quote, citation
1. repeat, recite, reproduce, recall, echo, extract, excerpt, proclaim, parrot, paraphrase, retell
2. refer to, cite, give, name, detail, relate, mention, instance, specify, spell out, recount, recollect, make reference to, adduce
3. estimate, state, tender, set, offer, bid
(Informal) quotation, passage, excerpt, reference, extract, citation

The artist, like the saint shows us how to love.
To love, one must make oneself invisible.
Nancy Willard

Epigraph (A list poem)

jump start

ABCdarian #1

Thus begins my series of ABCdarians: from hieroglyphics to hand-lettering, to alphabet poems to contemporary codes.
Let the research unfold!


I’m Apt to Adapt

I’m apt to adapt
When slapped by an app
That raps and raves
Upon my brave behind:

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