sometimes the highest chakra downloads…


it’s time to charge self-

esteem when spirit glows turquoise:

integrity calls!

Definition #231 Techies



touch screens, cookies, spam

links, scrolling, wireless, posts,

electronic voice!

New Blurb Book


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Pattern #47 Blogging

Oliver Tries Push-Ups

Oliver Tries Push-Ups

Blogging’s like push-ups
Every day counts.

Small push grows big push
Larger amounts.

Sprinkle some sunshine
Add singing birds.

Follow each link
Neither lost nor swerved.

Say it succinctly
Write it: be brave

Blog it; don’t hog it
Just polish each rave.

(I have been invited to play with a Mortimer Minute starting tomorrow. Bring it on!)

Riddle#12 Listening

Jeanne Listens to iMac

Jeanne Listens to iMac

Don listens to iMac

Don listens to iMac

Quaker Saying:
“Listening creates holy silence.
Listening is like rain.”

For the artwork created by Jeanne and Don, go to:
Enjoy the many links.



First I lost a thousand links
Deleted my whole in-box.
Floated up to the top of a vast ocean.

Then Facebook came to surround me
With life preservers,
In the shape of graphics
Of Steve Jobs.

Spectacular memorials
Urging me to love
One byte at a time.

“Change the world”
He smiles.
“Stay foolish! Stay hungry!
No one can replace you.”

“Push the human race forward.”
Hold your MacBook on your heart
And sing a song of visions,
Piercing truths discovered,
Imaginings made flesh!

I floated safely home
To write this poem,
With Steve Jobs at my side
Part of my history.
His Macs, my tools for life.

Join me on these blogs
To comment and to find
The soothing lullabies
That bring you back to rest
Within a thousand links.

by Jeanne Poland

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