David Harrison’s Window

Here’s my Word of the Month poem, inspired by my plane rides to and from Honesdale.

The Window
by David L. Harrison

There’s something about looking out
an airplane window.
Do you feel it too?

Perhaps it’s the land drawn
like history’s checkerboard pages
recorded endlessly beyond
my horizon,

tree-fortified rivers shouldering
down valleys of least resistance,

Lilliputian towns –
miniature yards with droplet pools,
fans of ball diamonds,
ribbon streets –
like board games sliding
out of view, out of mind.

Something about looking out
an airplane window
makes me want to respond,
to write about . . .

We land and once again
I forget
the question.

Dearest David:(Off your trapeze)
You were suspended
Now you’re grounded;
But words take flight
And fly to me:
Storks bring baby truths
To soothe and smoothe and schmooze.
Jeanne Poland

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