Let nature and the wind blow your troubles away…


“Spending time in nature would be good for you right now. Try to get outside and let the wind blow your troubles away.”
Your Angel’s Message:
Spending time by yourself in nature is incredibly healing. You would benefit from this right now. When this card is drawn, it serves as a direct message from the angels to reconnect with the natural world. Have you been spending a lot of time indoors? Are you constantly busy with work, family life and other aspects of your life that don’t afford you the free time to have peace outdoors? This card reminds you that you are who you are. You are not a sum of the items you own or the people you know. 

You are a child of nature. Even just spending a few minutes a day in perfect and natural peace outdoors will bring more balance into your life.
What You Should Do:
Make time to feel the sand between your toes and to marvel at the beautiful natural gifts our beautiful world has to offer. Perhaps you have been thinking about moving to a rural setting. If this speaks to you, then this card should be considered as validation. The Nature card can also mean that you would benefit from changing occupation if this is something you have been considering. Jobs such as gardening and looking after animals are all nature-based and may enable you to feel more in tune with your higher self.

If you need more guidance, you can also consider a Life Purpose reading to help you feel more in tune with your higher self.
Your Affirmation:
“I am a child of the earth. I embrace the natural world and am one with its glory.”

finding your life path…


“Positive changes are occurring in your career path. You’re being led in a higher direction that better suits your life purpose.”
Your Angel’s Message:
This is a particularly exciting and auspicious card. It heralds a brand new and positive change in your career area. You are embarking on a path that brings you positive changes. These, in turn, will support your priorities, dreams and passions. You’re releasing the old to welcome in the new. The angels give you their everlasting support. Perhaps you’ve been feeling tired of your job. This card indicates that you no longer have to suffer. You’re headed towards something that’s aligned with your beliefs and hopes. 

It’s true that this change requires you to have faith. You need to trust in the process. However, this card comes as a reassurance that so long as you listen to your inner voice, you will always be supported in all that you do. You will reap the rewards you have hoped for for so very long! This of course has a knock-on positive on all areas of your life. You’ll feel happier, attract positive people and events into your life and will be successful!
What You Should Do:
The angelic realm is guiding your career choices now. Move forwards when you feel comfortable. There’s no need to push or rush the process. Things will happen for you as they should. Keep a quiet and considered mindset now so your Divine guidance comes through to you loud and clear! 
Your Affirmation:
“I am making good, ethical and positive career choices. I am reaching my higher purpose.”


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