Version 2

Tomorrow, your Guardian Angel Haniel wants you to know…

“Miracles are happening around you each and every day. Take time to notice these and to thank the angelic realm for their help and support.”
Your Angel’s Message:
Child of God, you have asked for a miracle to occur and it has. The angels have listened to your pleas for help and have not deserted you. Your situation may currently seem bleak, however, there is a huge vibration of angelic help coming in around you. Your challenges will be resolved. This could happen in a somewhat surprising way, but it will happen and you will be amazed. Such is the power of God.

When you surrender your fears to God, you open the doors for miracles to happen. See in your mind’s eye that the angels are carrying away your fears and your problems. Relax into the Source. Be open to the miracles that are coming your way. Believe in yourself! Feel beautiful, Divine energy flow through your entire being. You are a miracle within yourself. You can create your own reality.
What You Should Do:
You have or are soon to receive angelic help. Something you felt was impossible is now manifesting, faster than ever with the Celestial Wish Bracelet in your hands. The power of God cannot be underestimated. Through your connection with the Divine, your own unique personal power is strong. Use this positively and to help others and you will experience more miracles than you ever believed possible.
Your Affirmation:
“As a loving Child of God, I ask the angels for a miracle. May they work through me each and every day.”

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