The Elders: Jeanne @ 73 Bugs @ 17

The Elders:
Jeanne @ 73
Bugs @ 17

Bugs and I are e-people.
We’re in touch with all of you
through the blips of iPhone cameras, texts,
reverberating in auto, kitchen,
from Waltham MA to the “Litz, NY.
Then the next day,
they bleep in CT MA NY to infinity!!!!
The 17 year old granny cat and Nana Poet

Children’s Library

Children's Library Hillsdale NY

Children’s Library Hillsdale NY

Favorites: kitchen,
truck books, horse books, plastic knife,
baking, shopping cart!

Lessons: soft voice tone,
sharing, kindness, respect for
books, toys, each other.

How Can a Poet Tell A Man’s Been In the Kitchen?

Messy Kitchen Sink

Messy Kitchen Sink

(sing to the tune of The Happy Wanderer)

When oft’ I go a wandering,
My nap sack on my back,
I know my man leaves odd footprints:
The kitchen floor has tracks!

I can hear, I can see,
I can hear
I can see ee ee ee ee ee
I can see
The kitchen floor has tracks!

The cabinets are open wide,
The sugar’s sprinkled high,
The dirt’s pressed down upon its side,
Like bird poo dropped from nigh!

I pull out pen and quickly write
As far as I can see;
While scrubbing clean the stains to right
And ordering cleanly!

I whisk the broom; collect the crumbs,
The meters in my step
The pots and pans, the prunes and plums
Are shining bright, yep, yep!

It’s time for rhyme and rhythm now,
The counters neat; food stacked.
The order’s back, you smell the chow:
“Come down and interact!”

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