E-Tip-Toe Through the Texts

Emerging Poet

Emerging Poet

Today I tip-toed through the texts,
Twinkle-dee and twinkle dum!

With my thumb and tongue on run,
Twinkle-dee and twinkle-dum.

I sent pix and kin sent some,
Twinkle-dee and twinkle-dum.

Text did stray; mistakes did play,
Twinkle-plea and twinkle-be.

Old and young still found the key,
Twinkle-please and thankle-we.

Who knew keyboards tiny keys could
Wankle-me and wonkle you?

Wonder words woosh wishes with
Twinkle-text and twankle’s best!
All rights.
Jeanne Poland

Facetime with Owen, Annika and Oliver


If I could design my own planet, there would be this triumvirate of people.
Triangular energy would propel synergy round and round until it radiated throughout to kin and beyond. Rays to embrace the world and its rainbows of many colors.
The future is not the dark; but the golden hue of possibilities!


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