How to be a healthy nurturer


caricature of Jeanne by Jeanne

healthy requires putting self at the top of the list

working out every day with aerobic exercise

sleeping through 8 hours

communication with significant confidants

intuiting like a powerful woman

moving with the Sacred Spirit

active listening

reading all the non verbal cues

loving generously

with kindness

and JOY!

Father Boneventure


Father Bonaventure aka John Poland 1961

Pierce my soul with your love, calm and charity.

Let my soul long for you and your home.

Let my soul be dissolved in you, hunger for you.

Bread of Angels, refresh me with holiness, super sustenance, sweet bread.

Let me feed on you, angelic host, fountain of life, wisdom and knowledge, torrent of pleasure, fullness of the house of God.

Let my soul compass you, find you, run to you, meditate on you,

do all for the praise and glory of your name, with humility and discretion, love, delight and perseverance.

Be my confidence, riches, delight, joy, rest, wisdom, portion, passion and treasure.

Fix my mind and heart immovably, Amen.


To see the original prayer by St Bonaventure, go to:

the garden


garden in Harlemville, NY

created garden

joy mercy, temptation’s call

Father, answer me!

my essentials


illustrator: J Byron Schachner


my essentials:


nutrition, rest, exercise, writing and illustration…


laundry, kitchen counters, shopping, doctor’s appointments…


turn calendar pages, clean refrigerator, replace batteries, garbage bags, maintain car…


taxes, health plans, end of life issues…


smiles, assistance, faith, pain, joy, vigor, vibration, energy…

A World of Teal


My sister-in-law in 2006

Meaning of The Color Teal.

  refreshing, feminine, calming, sophisticated,

energy, wisdom, serenity, wholeness,

creativity, emotional balance, good luck,

spiritual grounding, friendship, love, joy,

tranquility, patience, intuition, and loyalty.

Highlight’s Haiku

Sunlit by Neil Waldman

painting “Sunlit ” by Neil Goldman


highlights over low lights
lowly versus noble
yin and yang of chi

pick up game at gloaming
evening entertainment
under highlights

hidden pictures
magical words
Hi Five for Highlights

high spirits
high hearts
Highlight’s haiku morning

Yo! stunning delivery
fun with a purpose
haiku for Highlights



Don in 1961 @ 7 years of age

Jeanne in 1958

Jeanne in 1958 @ 17 years of age


graced with affect, joy

and curiosity, two

doves learn-yearn to fly!




trustworthy, constant

integrity, candor, joy

family fusion

Nana Owl

Nana Owl

Nana Owl illustrated by Annika

Nowl and Don by Owen

red haired nana owl

flying full for grand kids’ joy

squirrel man nearby

Definition #295 Joy

axis of joy

axis of joy

handlebars: axis

of earth, pedals, spokes, and seat,

cradling toned athlete!

It’s the birthday of poet Louise Bogan,

born in Livermore Falls, Maine (1897).

She said,

“I cannot believe that the inscrutable universe turns on an axis of suffering;

surely the strange beauty of the world must somewhere rest

on pure joy!”

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