Father Boneventure


Father Bonaventure aka John Poland 1961

Pierce my soul with your love, calm and charity.

Let my soul long for you and your home.

Let my soul be dissolved in you, hunger for you.

Bread of Angels, refresh me with holiness, super sustenance, sweet bread.

Let me feed on you, angelic host, fountain of life, wisdom and knowledge, torrent of pleasure, fullness of the house of God.

Let my soul compass you, find you, run to you, meditate on you,

do all for the praise and glory of your name, with humility and discretion, love, delight and perseverance.

Be my confidence, riches, delight, joy, rest, wisdom, portion, passion and treasure.

Fix my mind and heart immovably, Amen.


To see the original prayer by St Bonaventure, go to:

Move Beyond the Recipe


made by Jeanne’s iPhone6X and a Photoshop filter

A Recipe for Polyamorous Sex

I loved Joseph Greeley in his First Communion suit, 7 years old and Irish. He was fresh.

Then there was Ray Siller, 17, who scotch-skipped with me free range in Queens.

Next was John Atherly Poland, a defrocked trappist priest, 38, who met me on the NYC subway. He turned me into a photographer and film maker.

Charles Aybar, my roller skating coach, moved me on wheels.

Gino Calderone guided me through Italian, Portuguese, French and South America.

When I was 47, I met my closest mate, Donald Smith, a computer technician.

The poly-pie is complete. We have a topping of trust, respect ,intimacy and hot, flavorful herbs, fresh, crispy, soft and personal.




Letter to Spirits


my photo of Father John @ Christ Church- Hudson NY


In my dream…

priests give me hugs and kisses. None of them require I genuflect, or do penance for forgiveness.

The Lustenrings rush from
the wedding under the ‘el’ train on Jamaica Avenue in Richmond Hill to see Aunt Jeanne even though she and John Poland divorced after 17 years.

The gay nephew recalls my total acceptance of his unconventional choices. He divides his wealth 50/50 and finds a new partner who is also accepted as is.

Apparently, the spirit world is like that: timeless and equal. A circle of acceptance and honoring. A fiery flame of purity, a translation of Babel, a merging of cultures.

All the additions to the family welcome its newest siblings to give glory, laud and honor.

It’s like going to sleep and rebooting. Being held. Wrapped. carried as one.

I await patiently the revelation of glory.

Definition #219 Chaos

Annika without the chrome effect on the iPhone6x

Annika without the chrome effect on the iPhone6x

From John Poland to

Owen to Annika to

yellow butterfly!

Happy Birthday John

May 23 1929

Chaos theory is sometimes known as “the butterfly effect,” a term coined by Lorenz in an attempt to explain how small actions in a dynamic system like the atmosphere could trigger vast and unexpected changes.
“Does the flap of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil set off a tornado in Texas?”

Edward Norton Lorenz

Where Am I?

etching by Ruby Silvious

etching by Ruby Silvious

“Where am I” Haiku:

Sometimes in the fog
emerge my roots-not to
tangle but embrace.

Before Owen was born John biked from Nassau to Queens on Long Island’s North Shore.
Now 45 years later, Owen heads the Columbia County Mountain Bike Alliance.
The soil waited for the son, and made a path for him.

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